TimberSmart Regeneration Gates

TimberSmart Regeneration Gates are an addition to our outhouse doors. Made from the same 100% recycled plastics they offer a cost effective, low maintenance and long life solution to gate needs. 

Manufactured from recycled polystyrene using a modified extrusion process, they can be recycled again and again. Typical components include packaging materials, milk bottles and plastic cups. 

If you're looking to reduce the cyclical cost of treating your timber gate why not enquire about TimberSmart Regeneration Gates. For more information contact us at sales@hartandcompany.co.uk

The Key Facts:

Manufactured from T&G boards, all gates are evenly coloured and have a textured surface to give the appearance of timber. Available in a variety of colours.  


All gates are made to measure. They will not rot and require no painting. Wash with soapy water every few months to help maintain the appearance. 


Gates can be designed to accommodate a range of hardware including but not limited to: Pad Bolts / Hasp &  Staple / Dead Lock / Sufolk Latch 


Hart & Co can design large volume, low maintenance gate packages to match local authority requirements.